Miss Maude's 'Why Choose?' Chocolate Bar


Miss Maude's 'Why Choose?' Chocolate Bar

Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?

Why choose? When you can have 8 luscious flavors in one chocolate bar?

A three-ounce bar of rich, silky dark chocolate or milk chocolate, with eight squares, each holding a classic delight: Earl Grey, Bubbly, hazelnut praline, crunchy Marconi almonds, tart cherries, crispy puffed rice, salted caramel, and pink Himalayan salt.

Inspired by distant places, festive occasions, and the notion that a girl really can have it all, she brought together the best of life in one bonbon-like bar from Miss Maude's Bar of Chocolates made here in Richmond, Virginia.  

Serving size: 3.7 oz.

Allergy Information

  • Gluten Free
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