Chocolate is one of the world’s most loved sweets. From dark to milk, to white - almost everyone has a favorite. The history of chocolate goes back as far as the Aztecs. The cacao bean is native to Central and South America, but is now grown commercially throughout the tropics and approximately 70% of the world's cacao is grown in Africa. We aim to offer a wide variety of chocolates to meet the discriminating tastes of our customers.
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Le Grand Confectionary Petite Truffles
Brownie Fudge Chocolate
Marich® Dark Chocolate Covered Razzcherries
Chocolate Heart Truffle
Red M&ms Chocolate
Red M&M's
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Vanilla Caramel
Milk Chocolate Vanilla Sea Salt Caramels
Mint Chocolate Lenses (Wienerlinser)
Chocolates Of Vermont Chocolate
Chocolate Dipped Salted Caramel Gourmet Lollipop
Dark Chocolate Pretzel
Milk And Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
Dark Chocolate Nonpareils
Milk Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears
White Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears
Dark Chocolate Vanilla Caramel - Sugar Free
Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cordials
Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans
Clean Conscience Chocolate Cups
Mark Avenue® Minuette Spotted Peanut Butter Cows Chocolate
Milk And Dark Chocolate Double Dip Mints
Dark Chocolate Malt Balls
Dark Chocolate Panned Peanuts
Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins
44 results
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