Who doesn’t have a childhood memory wrapped in the delights of candy? For me, candy is intertwined with my memories of visits to my grandparents in Holland. There, in the town of my birthplace, the biggest thrill was to go to the market, in the city square and choose from a dizzying array of candies (snoepjes) scooped into a paper sack (zak) by the hustling candy man. There was nothing better than being able to select those sweets that I actually liked, in just the amounts that I wanted. Years later, when I was able to bring my children to the same Dutch market and watch them pick out their own candy (many types of which they had never seen before), it brought back all those wonderful childhood memories. 

Candy also represented the one item that, as a child, I could buy with my own limited funds. With my meager cash in hand, I would carefully peruse the available selections and debate whether I wanted gummy bears, Pixie Sticks or Fun Dip, the choices just seemed endless. But how much fun to be able to be in charge of that choice!


As an adult, I have seen the growth of sweets go beyond just candy and expand to gourmet cupcakes, unbelievable flavors of donuts, and a toppings bonanza for frozen yogurt. Yet, none of these really captured my fancy and I believe that we needed to get back to the basics. 

So how do we do that? Well, what is the one thing that pretty much every person likes? CANDY! But not everyone wants an entire box of the SAME candy, they want choices and not just one choice in one bag but multiple choices in the same bag. Even better, how about a way to treat yourself or a loved one with just the right amount of sweets in a fun and more meaningful package?

From that vision, ZaZoLi Sweets was born. Our mission is to bring the fun and magic back into candy and make you feel like the proverbial kid in the candy store.


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