Valentine's Day

Conversation hearts, truffles galore, and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and other sweets have become the symbols of Valentine’s Day. At ZaZoLi Sweets we pride ourselves on having all of those and so much more! 

Valentine's Day - ZaZoLi
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Madelaine Chocolate® Sweetheart Roses
Le Grand Confectionary Petite Truffles Chocolate
Chocolate Caramel Heart Truffle - ZaZoLi
Marich® Dark Chocolate Caramel Hearts - ZaZoLi
Valentine’s Bear Crispycake
Red Foiled Milk Chocolate Hearts
Pink Foiled Dark Chocolate Hearts
Light Pink Foiled Milk Chocolate Hearts
Conversation Hearts
Sour Cherry & Strawberry Banana Gummi Hearts
Sour Peachy Gummi Hearts
Sugar Love Hearts - ZaZoLi
Sugar Love Hearts
From $1.50
Raspberry Hearts
Raspberry Hearts
From $1.50
M&M's Valentine Mix
Madelaine Chocolate® Ladybugs
Sparkling Rosé Cordials - ZaZoLi
Valentine Mello Creme Mix - ZaZoLi
Valentine Candy Corn - ZaZoLi
Mini Dark Chocolate Red & White Nonpareils
Marich® Dark Chocolate Covered Razzcherries
Virginia Sugar Cookie
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Jelly Belly® Sparkling Rosé Jelly Beans - ZaZoLi
Jelly Belly® Conversation Beans
Jelly Belly Cherry Sours - ZaZoLi
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60 results