When your cravings take you beyond gummies and chocolate and you need something a little different, but just as sweet, we offer gorgeously decorated crispy treats, cookies, marshmallows and other sweet treats. We also work with both local and out of state confectioners to accommodate custom requests for a sweet treat for your special event.
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Zazoli Sweets® Ice Cream Cone Crispy Treat
Zazoli Sweets® Snake Pretzel Rod
Zazoli Sweets® Unicorn Crispy Treat
Zazoli Sweets® Swirl Crispy Treat
Zazoli Sweets® Birthday Sprinkled Sandwich Cookie
Zazoli Sweets Birthday Sprinkled Crispy Treat
Virginia Sugar Cookie
Zazoli Sweets® Cupcake Pretzel Twist
Dark Chocolate Pretzel
Milk Chocolate Mini Pretzels Pretzel
Yogurt Mini Pretzels Pretzel
Zazoli Sweets® Yellow Daisy Crispy Treat
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