Chewy Candy/Taffy

Like its sticky cousin, the gummy, chew candies appeal to those that like the feel and texture of a candy that requires some serious munching. Ranging from salt water taffy to tootsie rolls, we offer a good selection of chewy sweets.
Chewy Candy/Taffy
17 results
Rainbow Sour Roll Chewy Candy
Strawberry Sour Roll Chewy Candy
Fizzy Sour Bubblegum Roll Chewy Candy
Scandy Fish (Blandade Fiskar) Gummies
Mini Swedish Fish Chewy Candy
Sour Power Raspberry Cherry Belts Chewy Candy
Laffy Taffy
Laffy Taffy
Sweet Candy Taffy
Taffy Town
Goetzes Caramel Cow Tales® Minis Chewy Candy
Charleston Chew Mini Bars Chewy Candy
Sour Melon Logs Chewy Candy
Starburst - Assorted Chewy Candy
Airheads Mini - Blue Raspberry And Cherry Chewy Candy
Mike & Ike Mega Mix Sour Jelly Beans
Rambo Sour Melon Bites Chewy Candy
Large Jelly Beans
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