In England, as far back as the 14th century, the word “comfit” was used to describe nuts and seeds that were coated in sugar. The first sugarcoated nuts and seeds were made by apothecaries and used medicinally. They were the original sugarcoated pills. Depending on  the seed, nut, or fruit in their center, comfits were believed to have various benefits.
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White Jordan Almonds Nuts
Traditional Assorted Jordan Almonds Nuts
Belgian Dark Chocolate Almonds Nuts
Dark Chocolate Panned Peanuts
Peanut Brittle
Texas Drunken Nut Caramels
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White Chocolate Toffee Cashews
Dazzling Blue & Silver Almond Jewels
Milk Chocolate Almonds
Milk Chocolate Almonds
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Milk Chocolate Pecan Turtles
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