Dessert Sized Truffles


Dessert Sized Truffles

Birnn Chocolates of Vermont

Large oversized chocolate truffles made with the finest ingredients - including fresh heavy cream from Vermont farmers - and many of the truffles are Naturally Gluten-Free, with many flavors being Kosher certified!


1.5” diameter truffle | 1.35” tall | 1.16 ounces |


Available flavors:

  • Peppermint (Candy Cane) White Chocolate (A perfect twist on a cherished tradition. Adorned with nostalgic red stripes, our peppermint ganache will whisk you away straight to the North Pole. The inner shell and ganache feature dark chocolate, while the exterior is expertly coated in creamy white chocolate – a truly merry combination)
  • Amaretto Dark Chocolate (Legend or true love story? It is said that the amaretto recipe originated in Saronno as a gift to the Italian artist Luini from a woman reputed to be his lover. True to its namesake, this “little love” is infused with a delicate almond flavor and overtones of ripe cherries. We believe that romance is the soul of the truffle and a bite into this sweet elixir will make you a believer, too)
  • Coffee Dark Chocolate (Wake up and smell the coffee! After a yawn and a stretch, shake off the sandman with the robust and rich chocolate goodness of this cuppa Joe. Some might call it mocha, but we keep the flavor true to a good cup of java with an early morning sunrise)
  • Hazelnut Milk or Dark Chocolate (This kind of pampering is usually reserved for Sunday morning, so sit back, relax, and exhale. Enjoy this artful blend of toasted hazelnut and chocolate with a touch of vanilla on the finish. It’s the perfect complement to breakfast in bed, a good book, or a chat with an old friend)
  • Rum Milk Chocolate (Ahoy, mate! A pirate’s life and swashbuckler’s tale awaits you. This is a treasure trove of flavor with subtle hints of vanilla, spices, and tropical fruits rolled into a milk chocolate center. You’ll have a taste of adventure on the high seas and never leave dry land)
  • Black Forest Dark Chocolate This truffle is as dark, mysterious, and romantic as the Black Forest of Germany itself. Snap the rich chocolate shell and let the flavors of cherry and cream dance on your tongue. By the second truffle you will sprechen sehr gut Deutsch)
  • Tiramisu Milk Chocolate (Buon Appetito! In all of Italy, not much rivals the perfection of this traditional Tuscan dessert. Brighten any day with this light mocha-flavored cream kissed with the taste and aroma of authentic espresso. La dolce vita was never so sweet)
  • Cappuccino Milk or Dark Chocolate (A true coffee lover’s delight. The complex flavors of fresh, darkly roasted coffee with a velvety froth of cream are captured to form a tantalizing surrender on the taste buds. Traditionally, a cappuccino is part of the morning meal, but this truffle can be part of any occasion…morning, noon or night)
  • Caramel Milk or Dark Chocolate (Hop on your bike and ride down Main to the corner candy store. In the window, you’ll see Grandpa Birnn standing over the copper kettle making a fresh batch of caramel. This time-proven classic will make you feel like a kid again with its chocolate shell and soft, buttery center. Go ahead, eat two... Mom will never know - available in milk or dark chocolate)
  • Sea Salt Caramel Milk or Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate (classic caramel truffle sprinkled with pink Himalayan sea salt, the perfect combination of savory & sweet - available in milk or dark chocolate)
  • Raspberry White or Dark Chocolate (Nature’s own symphony plays for you with the classic pairing of ripe raspberries and chocolate. The melody of a summer’s day comes alive with a taste of this refreshing berry delight…birds chirping, the rustle of leaves in the breeze, and children laughing in the afternoon sun)
  • Champagne Dark Chocolate (You can almost see the bubbles and hear the cork pop. Elegance and luxury come to mind with a crisp burst of effervescence on the tongue and a smooth, crisp finish. These truffles add sophistication to any day or that special event)
  • White, Milk or Dark Chocolate  (Classic and timeless, this chocolate is no Plain Jane. Just like the “little black dress,” its understated style is one of life’s little luxuries that we encourage you to enjoy with abandon. Simple, chic, and never out of fashion, this truffle proves that less truly is more)
  • Mint White, Milk or Dark Chocolate (Long a symbol of hospitality, mint is a classic for all occasions. Break open this perfectly tempered chocolate shell to reveal a pure burst of refreshing mint. Delicate and refined, it’s an elegant way to end dinner or begin the evening. You’ll enjoy a night on the town without ever leaving home)
  • Irish Cream Dark Chocolate (It’s a long way to Ireland, but this truffle will whisk you off to the land of the shamrock. You’ll be warmed by the smooth liqueur flavor as the cream envelops your tongue with nuances of vanilla, caramel, and honey. To quote an Irishman, one taste and you will have “miles and miles of Irish smiles for many golden happy hours”)
  • Toasted Coconut Milk Chocolate (Inspired by the trade winds and blue Caribbean seas, sail away on this island treat. A flavor infusion of ripe coconut and dark chocolate ganache, hand-decorated with toasted coconut macaroon. Nibble on this while steel drums play and palm trees sway in the wind. Cool out, mon, you’re on island time)
  • Butter Pecan Milk Chocolate (Whether you say “Pea-can” or “Pea-Con,” you’ll have visions of Aunt Betty’s kitchen with our little slice of the south. This southern belle aims to please with rich undertones of buttery pecans that’s easy as pie to eat. Gracious sakes alive — y’all just gonna love this)
  • Vanilla Milk Chocolate (When paired with chocolate, vanilla never means plain Jane. Creamy white chocolate ganache blended with the aromatic flavors of the vanilla bean make this classic combination a taste of pure, simple, perfection)
    • Key Lime White or Dark Chocolate (The zest of lime and a dash of southern tradition makes this Florida Keys-inspired truffle an irresistible dessert. Go ahead, indulge in chocolate on the beach. You can have your pie and eat it too)
    • Lemon Dark Chocolate (When life hands you lemons, make truffles! The refreshing balance of sweet and tart mixed with our rich dark chocolate ganache creates a truly versatile delight...have it with afternoon tea or a sweet summer memory)
    • Blueberry Dark Chocolate (Don your sunglasses and shake off your winter blues, as this Blueberry truffle will have you ready to cruise—to the blueberry fields of Maine that is! In a perfect blend of blueberry meets dark chocolate we present to you a new summer flavor that is bound to inspire your next vacation, or leave you wanting more blueberry truffles)
    • Banana Dark Chocolate (Cocoa beans are often spread over banana leaves to dry after they’ve been removed from their pods. The delicious synergy from these two tropical treats has been a staple in sweet shops for decades. You won’t need a spoon to enjoy this take on the old fashioned banana split) 
    • Orange Dark Chocolate (Warm, tropical sun and some of nature’s magic create beautiful, succulent oranges and the finest cacao. Lush, ripe and always pulp-free, let the premium dark chocolate melt on your tongue to reveal the sweet tang of a Valencia. In life, a little rain must fall, but this grand orange is sunshine on a cloudy day)
    • Lemon White Chocolate (When life hands you lemons, make truffles! The refreshing balance of sweet and tart mixed with our rich dark chocolate ganache creates a truly versatile delight...have it with afternoon tea or a sweet summer memory)


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