Are you looking to bring your amazing sweets to the retail market but cannot afford or have no desire to lease retail space and operate a retail store full-time? If so, we would love to learn more about you and your business to see how we can help you achieve your goals!

We are envisioning a unique collection of "shops" within our space where you bring your product and have it displayed in a certain space within our store (a store within a store concept (SWAS), with the freedom to have it designed as you see fit, all for a "rental + commission" fee. Zazoli will market, sell and provide gift bag/box services for your products to customers that purchase your product. 

We are currently a small store but are envisioning a bigger space in the near future depending on the interest that we receive for this SWAS project. We do have space available now for those products that can work in our existing space. Please keep in mind that we are at the very beginning stages of this idea and are excited to work out the finer details as interest grows.

Intrigued? Then fill out the below Google form and let's get the ball rolling! 

Filling out this form does not obligate you or Zazoli Sweets in any way to work together - it is merely a tool to get the conversation started!


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