Sanded Lemon Drops


Lemon drops are a classic mixture of sweet and tart flavors to really make your mouth pucker. These lemon candy treats from Primrose Candy Company will bring back fond childhood memories of your favorite candy store. 

Pop one of these hard candy drops into your mouth and immediately remember the taste of classic summer days with a sweet coating that fades away and gives way to a tart yet sweet lemon candy

Coated with a tart, crystallized sugar that will make your mouth and eyes water and beg for the sweet reprieve of the candy's sugary center. Lemon Drops Hard Candy is perfect for a summertime picnic, or a yellow-themed party. These candies are perfect for so many situations. Leave them out at a party, share with your friends, or snack away by yourself.

Serving size: 1/4 pound (4 oz.)


Primrose Candy