Harry Potter™ Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans Bag

Harry Potter™ Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans Bag

The Wizarding World’s favorite candy has returned! Get a box of tasty jelly beans blended with weird, wild flavors when you try Harry Potter™ Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans! Each box contains an assortment of our 20-flavor medley. An exciting mixture of delicious and strange flavors makes these Harry Potter jelly beans fun and terrifying to eat. 

  • Flavors in this Mix

  • Banana
  • Black Pepper
  • Blueberry
  • Booger
  • Candyfloss
  • Cherry
  • Cinnamon
  • Dirt
  • Earthworm
  • Earwax
  • Grass
  • Green Apple
  • Lemon Drop
  • Marshmallow
  • Rotten Egg
  • Sausage
  • Soap
  • Tutti-Fruitti
  • Vomit
  • Watermelon

                                          All Jelly Belly Beans are OU Kosher, gluten-free, peanut-free, dairy-free, fat-free, and vegetarian-friendly.

                                          Serving Size: One 1.9 oz. Bag


                                          Jelly Belly

                                          Vegetarian Information

                                          Jelly Belly beans contain beeswax and shellac (made from secreted beetle resin) used to seal in the flavor and to give them their final buff and polish.
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