Artisan Chocolate Truffles (6 Pieces)- Birnn Chocolates of Vermont


Artisan Chocolate Truffles (6 Pieces) - Birnn Chocolates of Vermont

This assortment of boxed artisan truffles from Vermont includes:

  • Dark Chocolate (for the purist)
  • Hazelnut (an artful blend of toasted hazelnuts, milk chocolate, and vanilla)
  • Amaretto (delicate almond flavor with overtones of ripe cherries)
  • Raspberry (classic pairing of ripe raspberries and dark chocolate)
  • Orange (lush, ripe, and always pulp free)
  • Champagne (French-derived grapes create this divinely elegant and smooth flavor)

Want to create a box of your own desired flavors and sizes? Go here!

Each truffle is 1" in diameter and .46 oz.