Ruby Chocolate Bar - Paris (Fig & Pralines)


Ruby Chocolate Bar Paris (Fig & Pralines)


Complex and unique

Imagine walking in Paris trying delicious artisan pastries. This chocolate bar is handcrafted to provide that experience, with figs, pralines and dark chocolate pearls.

Grown by artisan fruit growers, the figs used in this bar are harvested at peak ripeness and present an impressive complexity of flavors.

Gift with Flair

Watch loved ones or work colleagues smile when you gift this luxury ruby chocolate bar.

Astonishing pink chocolate made by Flair ChocolatierRuby chocolate is naturally pink and has unique fruity notes.

Enjoy this first new type of chocolate in a century - after the inventions of dark, milk and white chocolates. Ruby chocolate is made from the purple "ruby cocoa" beans, grown in Ecuador and Brazil.

 Serving size: 1 3 oz. Chocolate Bar