Farmhouse Chocolates - Dark Chocolate Truffles: 6 Piece Medley


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Farmhouse Chocolates - Dark Chocolate Truffles: 6 Piece Medley

Made in Vermont

Dense, dark, delightfully balanced. Each truffle is crafted w/ an organic, fair trade, soy-free 70% cacao ganache center (made with a splash of Vermont heavy cream and gently infused with real ingredients), dipped in another layer of 70% dark chocolate, and hand-decorated.

Your 6 piece box contains: ~1 Vanilla Bean Truffle ~1 Vermont Maple Truffle ~1 Cacao Nib & Sea Salt Truffle ~1 Espresso Bean Truffle ~1 Rosemary-Grapefruit Truffle ~1 Lavender-Lemon Truffle

Ingredients: 70% chocolate*+ (cocoa beans*+, cane sugar*+, cocoa butter*+, vanilla extract*) & Vermont heavy cream. Additional ingredients per flavor: Vanilla Bean: ground vanilla beans* Vermont Maple: Vermont maple syrup Cacao Nib & Sea Salt: cacao nibs* and Alaska Pure artisan sea salt (Sitka, AK) Espresso Bean: Guatemalan coffee beans*+ Rosemary-Grapefruit: fresh rosemary*, grapefruit zest* Lavender-Lemon: dried lavender*, lemon zest*

*Organic +Fair TradeRecycled molded pulp boxes


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