Folklore states that mint was often used in magic brews and potions. In England, anyone finding a flowering mint plant on Midsummer's Day would have eternal happiness. In France, it is said that a bouquet of Mint and St. Johns Wort gave protection against evil spirits. Today, clinical evidence has shown that mint has many health benefits. We offer a variety of mint sweets, from hard candies to chocolates, that are sure to meet the most particular tastes of any mint lover.
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Milk And Dark Chocolate Double Dip Mints
Pastel Chocolate Mint Lentils
Mint Chocolate Lenses (Wienerlinser)
Go Organic Starlight Mints Hard Candy
Bogdon's Reception Sticks - Double Dip Peppermint (By Piece)
Bogdon's Reception Sticks - Double Dip Peppermint (Tub)
Peppermint Puffs Hard Candy
Smooth N Melty Mint Wafers
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