Jumping Horse Lollipop


Jumping Horse Lollipop

These Jumping Horse Lollipops are just adorable and make great party favors! Each lollipop is made with barley sugar and is barley flavored (similar to pure sugar cane). 

More than one hundred years ago, barely sugar candy was developed as the purest form of crystal clear hard candy. The barley candy was made from hulled barley and water and as its popularity grew, the recipe was simplified without losing any of the unique flavor. Pure sugar was boiled to a high temperature, poured into unique molds and quickly cooled. The name remained the same because this candy retained the unusual crystal clear consistency and flavor of the original Barley Sugar Candy which originated in Europe. The confection's fancy shapes are as vital to its flavor and charm as the taste itself. 


Melville Candy

Allergen/Ingredient Information

  • Gluten Free

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